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Can u post the tattoos that she has for jimmy? And can u explain me the meaning of the tattoos

I don’t have direct photos of her tattoos but I’m sure you can see them all over tumblr and the web! She’s got “Fiction’s Wife” with a design around it which obviously means she’s the wife of Fiction AKA Jimmy, and her and Jimmy have matchin tattoos on both of their hands, one is a bottle with crosses swards in front of it which means going to battle with enemies, I think the bottle represents something like not going to war? Hard to explain but I’m not ENTIRELY sure on that one, and they both have a number on their other hand, looks like a “16” or “91”, unfortunately I don’t know what it represents either, and they have each other’s names tattooed on their wedding band finger, which is also obvious, they were each other’s, married or not :)

Do you know if she's dating anyone at the moment? P.s. amazing blog.

Thank you! And as far as I know she’s not dating anyone currently

Do u know of any videos of leana and jimmy together? Or any videos with leana in general?

I’ve seen maybe 2 video clips of Leana and Jimmy together at some event, looked like a performance of some sort… And Leana’s in the making of the Afterlife video, and alone I know of two videos, her singing “I love Technology” and “I love chicken sandwiches”

Hi do you know what is leana's real tumbrl??

Leana does not use tumblr :(

gorgeous <3

Timestamp: 1365351963

gorgeous <3

Thanks for the follow! Love the blog and Leana is an amazing woman, no matter what anyone says.

You’re welcome <3 and agreed 100%, why hate :D

Why did Leana start dating someone else a month after the rev died? It's like she didn't care about Jimmy at all.

She didn’t. It’s rumored that she did around February/March, but the guy could have just been a friend. She had a complete different new boyfriend in June, but even if the first guy was her boyfriend… You don’t know what Leana was going through. That could have been her way of coping with pain, or maybe she just doesn’t like to be alone, maybe she felt empty and lonely after Jimmy died? You don’t know. 


hey its sadie.. you have a bunch of my pics on here.. i saw the one post about my myspace and the invasion of privacy for the originals.. thank you i really appreciated that. i havent seen le in a few years.. so this was nice to see from another persons point of view. 

Hey Sadie! Thanks for the message :) and I did realize I had reblogged a couple photos of you and Leana…only ones that are already ALL over the internet though :/ I’ve seen some people posting newer pictures which i’m assuming are from 2010? I don’t reblog OR post any newer, or as some people call it “rare” pictures of Leana on here. And about the myspace, the blog wowsogoodwow.tumblr.com is claiming to be Leana and posted one of your photos… I got a myspace friend suggestion for you a long time ago and saw a very small preview of 3 of your photos, two were with Le (now both and more are posted on this website by other people) and that wowsogoodwow blog posted one in full size, I was guessing your myspace or maybe facebook got hacked or something somehow, I think that tumblr account of Le is fake because I KNOW that one picture is yours, not Leana’s, and her small little icon pic was most likely stolen from Leana’s facebook. People are crazy. I’m sorry soo many of your pictures are out, I know it must really suck. It seems like you really don’t like it and if I were you I’d hate it too! It’s actually creepy as hell. I rarely use this blog anyway, I just keep it because there’s so many bullshit rumors going around about Le and i’m just trying to defend her as much as I can. I know there’s nothing we can do to prevent the spread of the hundreds of older pictures that are already all over multiple websites, but I do try and keep the photos taken after Jimmy away from the public, it’s just wrong in my eyes. And I am 10000% against hacking and taking people’s pictures off their accounts without permission. Sorry for rambling so much but again thank you for submitting this :) 

Favorite <3